Normmed Silver
Normmed Silver

Normmed Silver

Antibacterial Spinal System

It is NORMMED’s unique technology in the World.The feature of coating with nanoparticular silver ions Reducing the infection rate and risk.


Decrease hospitalization period

Antibacterial characteristic

Avoid the bacterial growth (MRSA) with high level percent (%91.6) (Metici 11-in resistant staphylocaccus aureus – Meticilin is among the most powerful antibiotics)

The coating metarial in microgramweights for biocompatibility

Level blood in body cant reach toxic level that will cause acute and cronic argyria with that silver level (2mgr– 5mgr)

Pedicle screw which is used for the treatment of degenerative or pathologic deseases to achive an artificial stabilization

Efficient biomechanic compatibility

Two types of connector are mono and multiaxial connectors

Have three types of hook; Pedicular, laminar(Left right angled) and offset hook

Effective fixation by hook system with lateral and domino connectors with other addional features